Thank you, Yoga and More, for sharing this wonderful practice with us every week selflessly. I’ve been through some tough times since I moved to Dubai and as much as it sounds unbelievable you helped me a lot to overcome some problems. There are no words to express my gratitude but wishes only that you have all the bliss in the world. Love.

— Katarina, Serbia


Amazing energy. Amazing teacher. Relaxing is very difficult for me and I did it, thanks to your guidance.

— Chris, England


Love how when we are in the middle of a difficult pose, where we want to quit (the “monkey” mind you have mentioned J) your humor keeps us encouraged that we can do it.

Macaela, 34 y.o.


Natalia is absolutely the best yoga teacher in Dubai! Thank you for the energy exchange. Namaste.

— Andrea, Italy


Thank you! I don’t know how but you made me go back to my childhood at your outdoor yoga class. It was incredible experience.

— Sophie, Bulgaria


Hi Yoga and More, I have attended your Full Moon Yoga and limiting beliefs workshop. It was amazing! I feel so much positive energy and the fear I had just …. disappeared for no reason. The shoulder pain that I had for long time has disappeared too. I look forward to learning more and I’d love to know if the same or similar types of workshops will happen again. Gratitude!!!

— Natt, Thailand,30 y.o.



This summer after several yin yoga classes with Yoga and More I have noticed that it is easier for me to observe what is happening and being aware of a larger sense of inner space to decide how I want to react. Wonderful!! Thank you.

— Mimi Chen


I would never miss these classes with Yoga and More! Love it! Yoga with you have changed my life! Thank you.

— Arafa


Hi Yoga and More. I have been second time today, because I loved your Full Moon Yoga. I love so much your teaching style that gives so much power to everyone. Thanks so much and I am looking for every possible class.

— Juliane


I started yoga as another sport to make myself flexible (they said) until I’ve met you. With you I found out that it is not my body that is not flexible but my mind. Funny enough, only at your classes I started to learn how to breathe and how to get connected to and become aware of my physical body. I realized that we ourselves set up our own limits and we are capable of breaking them and are capable of much more greater things. Thank you for your beautiful energy and for sharing your passion with us. Hugs and kisses.

— Belal, Lebanon


“Dear Yoga and More, it was a great pleasure to attend your class today. I have always enjoyed Yin Yoga and never managed to find a proper instructor in Dubai. I must say I have been very much DELIGHTED with Natalia’s class. She has a beautiful energy, confidence and strong power, and a gift for sharing it with the others. Thank you and please keep me informed about any other upcoming events, classes and workshops.

— As Ramboz, Switzerland


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